CHAMP, the Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient, was created as a faculty development program to train general internists, hospitalists and geriatric fellows at the University of Chicago to teach about the care of hospitalized older patients. Residents in internal medicine and medical students are exposed to CHAMP indirectly, as CHAMP faculty graduates (or Reynolds Scholars) teach in the hospital setting. To measure residents' knowledge, exposure to faculty teaching, and attitudes and behaviors towards practicing geriatric clinical skills in the inpatient setting, we administer the following surveys annually to all medicine residents:


Geriatrics knowledge test

            Compilation of questions from validated instruments and newly created ones

  Teaching geriatric clinical skills:

            Frequency by attending/specialist

  Practicing geriatric clinical skills:

            Importance, self-confidence and frequency

For more detailed information about administration of these instruments, please refer to the CHAMP User's Guide for Evaluation Instruments.