By Don Scott MD, MHS

The Observed Structured Teaching Exercise (OSTE) is a performance-based teaching assessment,

using standardized learners.  This User's Manual Provides detailed materials facilitating implementation

and evaluation of a 4 Station Geriatrics OSTE (G-OSTE) Exercise, designed to improve the geriatric medicine

teaching skills of non-geriatricians in the in-patient setting.

This G-OSTE Module can be used to complement specific components of the CHAMP Curriculum, or it can

be used as a stand-alone geriatric medicine teaching-skills exercise. The cases are focused on teaching

geriatrics on the in-patient wards and include the following: (1) Screening for Dementia: Using the

Mini-Cog--A Bedside Case; (2) Delirium: Risk Assessment, Recognition, & Prevention Strategies--A Door-Side;

(3) Foley Catheters: Indications & Inability to Void--A Bedside Case; (4) Transitions of Care: The Ideal Hospital

Discharge--A Card-Flip Case in the Conference Room.  The following materials are provided: 1) Background on OSTE's;

2) the G-OSTE Cases; 3) Feedback forms for Standardized Students and/or Observers; 4) Preceptor’s Guidelines;

5) "Quality Assurance"/Evaluation forms for Preceptors Performance; 6) Teaching Aids (Pocket Cards);

7) Retrospective Pre-Post G-OSTE Module Evaluation Forms; 8) Sample Logistical Plans.

For a comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.