By Miriam Rodin MD, PhD

This CHAMP module trains physicians in improving the transition from hospital care to nursing home care for older adult patients.  Learners will appreciate why direct communication to the receiving nurse is critical to transferring care from one level to another; to avoid frequent dosing and reliance on IVs in discharge planning; understand funding and reimbursement in acute care at all levels and long term care; differentiate between supportive care, palliative care, skilled nursing, sub-acute medical care, sub-acute rehab, and intermediate care; understand the discharge planning process involved in transferring to intermediate care; inform patients and families about what to expect from nursing home care.  Teaching materials include a slide presentation with speaker's notes, a bedside teaching trigger, a pocket teaching card and a sample session evaluation form.

For a comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.