Mini-CHAMP is a faculty development program that focuses on the core clinical issues in the care of

hospitalized aging medical patients.  While CHAMP aims to teach the teacher, Mini-CHAMP teaches the clinician. 

It extracts the essential elements from each CHAMP topic area and is streamlined so that it can be presented in a 2-day workshop, or in periodic teaching sessions.  Like CHAMP, Mini-CHAMP content includes coverage of the ACGME

core competencies of Practice Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) and Systems Based Practice (SBP). 

Mini-CHAMP Course Content Outlined in 2 Tables: Geriatric Topics and Teaching ACGME Core Competencies

Mini-CHAMP is designed for hospitalists and is currently in a pilot phase at the University of Chicago. 

In its final form, Mini-CHAMP will combine online educational learning with in-person teaching sessions, and include

measures of knowledge, attitudes and self-assessment. All materials will be available under the content headings along the top of this webpage.

Mini-CHAMP Listen & View presentations are available on the following topics:

        Identifying and Assessing the Frail Elderly


        Delirium Recognition

        Delirium Treatment

        Drugs and Aging


        Ideal Hospital Discharge   

        Pain Assessment in the Elderly

        Pain Control:  Medication Selection & Titration for Older Adults

        Palliative Care for Older Adults

Please continue to check back, as audio-recorded slide presentations are continually being uploaded!!