By Paula Podrazik, MD

Identifying Frail Elders is the lead presentation in the CHAMP series. This module teaches learners to recognize the profile of the frail or vulnerable aging hospitalized patient; identify the impact of hospitalization on the frail older adult with regard to cognitive and functional decline; screen for decline and impairments in ADL and IADL; and prevent hazards of hospitalization and mortality in the frail aging patient. Teaching materials include a slide presentation with speaker's notes, a bedside teaching trigger on determination and assessment of frailty, references and a sample session evaluation form. 

The CHAMP Course menu on the left provides additional supplementary materials to the faculty development program, including the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide

"Listen & View" is an audio visual presentation on the clinical care issues in identifying and assessing frailty in hospitalized older adults.  The "slides only" version was delivered at the University of Chicago as part of the hospitalists' grand rounds in 2009. 

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