CHAMP train-the-trainer faculty development program materials were created by Catherine DuBeau MD

Mini-CHAMP materials, highlighting clinical care issues, were adapted and presented by Shellie Williams, MD

This CHAMP module provides materials on teaching physicians how to lead the medical team in formulating ideal discharge plans for hospitalized older adult patients.  Learners will appreciate the impact of discharge quality and outcome on older patients, their caregivers, and all of the physicians who care for them; become able to identify the components of an "ideal hospital discharge;" and implement effective discharge planning throughout the course of a hospital stay.  Teaching materials include: a 30 minute slide presentation with speaker's notes, several bedside teaching triggers, a pocket teaching card, references and an sample teaching session evaluation form. For a comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.

Mini-CHAMP offers a Listen and View series on clinical care issues on core geriatric concepts for  hospitalists.