Content Area         Hazards of Hospitalization: 

                                   Delirium, Dementia, Depression, Falls, Frailty, Deconditioning, Foley catheter use, Wound       

                                   care, Polypharmacy, Nutrition and Environmental Assessment  

Teaching Format:    Bedside teaching rounds on medicine service

Materials:               View Leader's guide. View slides on "CHAMP Rounds for MS."           

AAMC Minimum Geriatric Competencies addressed:             # 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Content Area:          Pain Management:

                           Treatment of Pain in Persons with a History of Addictions, Managing Side Effects of Opioid 

                                  Medications, Assessment and Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Teaching Format:     Independent study followed by brief review of workbook questions

Materials:                View all modules

AAMC Minimum Geriatric Competency addressed:                # 19

Content Area:           Palliative & End of Life Care Boot Camp for Incoming Interns

Teaching Format:     Standardized patient and family meeting encounters on notification and pronouncement of death


AAMC Minimum Geriatric Competencies addressed:              # 19, 20

Content Area:          Transitions of Care (GATE: Geriatrics and Aging Through Transitional Environments)

                                 Obtaining a Functional History, and Understanding Independent Living vs. Assisted Living Environments

Teaching Format:     Lecture, Workshop, Visiting various residential care settings, Hands-on clinical training


AAMC Minimum Geriatric Competencies addressed:               # 9, 11