CHAMP train-the-trainer faculty development program materials were created by Caroline Harada MD 

Mini-CHAMP materials, highlighting clinical care issues, were created by Shellie Williams, MD

Dementia affects 5 - 15% of adults over age 65, yet it is comonly overlooked by physicians.   Patients with dementia are at higher risk for developing delirium and other complications of acute illness and hospitalization.  It is therefore essential to teach new doctors to recognize dementia among hospitalized older adults and to handle common dementia-related challenges such as assessing decision making capacity and counseling families about tube feeding.  Speaker's notes are included with the slide presentation.  Bedside teaching triggers address: assessing dementia, assessing decision making capacity, and decisions about tube feeding in dementia.  For a more comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.  

Mini-CHAMP is a streamlined clinical care course on core geriatric concepts for  hospitalists.  It was piloted at the University of Chicago in 2008-2009, and materials are in development.