CHAMP train-the-trainer faculty development program materials were developed by Andrea Bial MD and Don Scott MD, MHS

Mini-CHAMP materials highlighting clinical care issues were developed by Paula Podrazik, MD and Shellie Williams, MD

This CHAMP module on Delirium provides instruction for phyisician educators on how to teach about reducing the incidence of delirium and improving the care of hospitalized older adults who develop delirium.   The slide presentations cover risk assessment, prevention strategies and diagnosis using the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) in Part I; while Part II presents a systematic approach to evaluation and treatment of agitated delirium.  The slide presentations can be delivered as one, in 95 minutes, or separately.  Reference are provided.  Bedside teaching triggers and the pocket card are resources for learners. For a more comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.     


Mini-CHAMP offers a "Listen & View" series on salient clinical care issues in caring for hospitalized older adults with delirium.  The first talk here addresses delirium recognition and the second one, treament and prevention., specifically recognizing delirium in hospitalized older adults.  The "slides only" version addresses prevention, identifying risk stratification, evaluation and assessment, and treatment strategies from a pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic focus. Dr. Williams delivered this talk at the University of Chicago hospitalists' grand rounds in 2009.