By Deon Cox Hayley DO

In this CHAMP module, physician educators learn how to teach about deconditioning, specifically recognizing and explaining the serious consequences of bedrest, approaches to prevention inlcuding mobilizing hospitalized older adult patients early.  Teaching materials include a 30 minute slide presentation with speaker's notes, worksheet on fast facts about bedrest, references and a sample session evaluation form.  For a more comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.

"Listen & View" is an audio visual presentation on the clinical care issues associated with deconditioning.  It addresses functional outcomes, specific organ pathophysiology and warnings against the serious consequences of total bedrest.  Dr. Cox Hayley piloted this presentation at the University of Chicago as part of the hospitalists' grand rounds in 2009. 


Mini-CHAMP Materials

Listen & View "Mini-CHAMP Deconditioning"

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