By Deon Cox-Hayley DO

  • This CHAMP module trains physicians to teach about palliative care, changing goals of care and the transition to hospice care.  Learners will be able to teach about the following:  incorporating prognosis into plan of care; emphasizing palliation in the care of patients with advanced disease; weighing the benefits and burdens of diagnostics in patients with advanced disease; identifying older adult patients for whom hospice care is appropriate; discussing hospice care with older adult patients and their families; and assisting health care professionals, patients and families in overcoming barriers to enrollment in hospice.
  • Teaching materials include a 45 minute slide presentation, a worksheet/handout, and a sample session evaluation form.  For a comprehensive explanation of CHAMP, please refer to the CHAMP Overview and User's Guide.

Mini-CHAMP is a streamlined, clinical course on core geriatric concepts for hospitalists, which combines online learning with in-person teaching sessions. 


An online game simulating brief palliative home care visits on: dementia and acute agitation, dementia with pain, falls, and transitions of care. Click here to PLAY & LEARN.